What is Pâte de Fruit?

Our signature CBDreamy Pâte De Fruit is made from fresh fruit, pure cane sugar, and pectin. Bursting with a vibrant flavor that compliments its plush and savory texture, ‘Fruit De Pâte ’ is a centuries-old French recipe that continues to bring a simple sweetness, and air about it, reminiscent of a French country cafe on a beautiful summer afternoon. The soft colors, and crystalline sugar-coated exterior is a delicious foil for the rich fruity center of this delicacy. Worthy of your next Instagram post! Pick yourself a bushel of these CBD-infused edible favorites, including blueberry, raspberry, peach, pear, strawberry, and more!


We are excited to be part of the “Get Real Get Maine” program supporting the local farms, buying all of the fruit for our CBDreamy’s from Maine farmers! Our
fruit comes from all over Maine, including Cornish, Bowdoinham, Cape Elizabeth, and Penobscot.


Focusing on supporting small fruit farms, all of our other ingredients are certified non-GMO. CBDreamys contain no artificial flavoring or preservatives and ALL of our ingredients are vegan friendly!

CBDreamys are best kept at room temperature (not the refrigerator or freezer) and once opened, should be kept in a dry place. We consider CBDreamy’s Pâte De Fruit  the perfect CBD-infused confection for any fruit lover. ! With over 15 locations in Maine, be sure to find a store near you to try some today!

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